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Water Aerobics Class Descriptions

Shallow Water Exercise This class is conducted in the shallow end of the pool and swimming ability is not required.

Deep Water Exercise Participants use buoyancy belts in this class to remain vertical in deep water without submerging. Swimming ability is required.

Combo Water Exercise This wellness class combines both shallow and deep water exercise components to meet the needs of the participants. You decide where you are most comfortable and our instructor will offer workout options for both deep and shallow water.

Aqua Pilates & Power Walk This class has moved Pilates into the water! Benefits include: trimming, toning, strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility and decreasing stress. Swimming is not required.

Arthritis Water Exercise This class features a series of recreational exercises designed to work on each major joint and body part. Swimming ability is not required.


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As part of the YMCA’s mission, financial assistance is available based on the need and availability of funds. Classes and/or programs may be changed or canceled at any time by YMCA Management.