Winter Fitness Challenge


The Greater Scranton YMCA is here to help you reach your health and wellness goals in the new year! Join the Snowy Slim Down Challenge & track your exercise for a chance to win! Each exercise you track will give you tickets to enter the grand prize drawing for a Fitbit Charge 3 HR! The more you exercise...the more chances you have to win!


·     Participants must register before joining the challenge

·   Register at the Welcome Center Desk

·   Register online

Group Exercise Classes

·       Attend any instructor led class (aquatic, cycling or land)

·       Each class is worth 1 ticket

·       Instructors or Lifeguards will hand out tickets at end of each class

Strength Training

·       Men must bench press their body weight

·       Women must bench press  1/2 their body weight

·       See Brandon Whipple for offical judging

·       Each 3-5 bench presses earns 2 tickets

Cardio Training

·       Spend 45 minutes exercising in Wellnes Center 

·       Sign in and out with wellness staff

·       Every 45 minutes earns 1 ticket



For more information about the Snowy Slim Down Challenge, contact Brandon Whipple at or at (570) 828-3116