Adult Wellness Classes

Cardio Craze
Build aerobic capacity-muscular
strength-endurance/burns body fat

Core & More 
A class that strengthens the core which includes abdominal muscles, obliques and lower back. This class improves core function as well as improves posture.
Ride together in sync to the beat of a motiviating and challenging playlist.
The ride is designed for fitness enthusiast to unlock their full cardio potential by utilizing both upper and lower body all while engaging in a semi- choreographed, that is completely optional, ride on bikes!

Easy Does It 
Designed for the “over 50” crowd. Helps build cardiovascular endurance, strengthen muscles, and improve flexibility.

Get ready to kick it, jab it, jump it and tone it. This class combines kickboxing techniques that will elevate your heart rate & tones/strengthens your muscles.

Muscle Madness & Step/Weights
Wonderful wellness class that increases muscle mass, increases endurance, strengthens, and tones your muscles using light weights, tubing, and power bars.

Benefits include:
 Trim/Tone/Strengthen muscles
 Increase Flexibility
 Decrease Stress

This class combines the practices of pilates and yoga to help build strength, increase flexibility and burn excess fat.

Power Cycling
This instructor led class on a stationary bike is for all fitness levels. Let one of our motivated instructors guide you through the ride on this revolutionary training bike, which has been constructed to simulate the feel of a high performance road bicycle. Please bring a water bottle and towel (if needed). Newcomers should arrive 5 minutes early. Bikes cannot be saved or reserved.

Rhythm Yoga 
This class will feature flowing body movement to music to increase flexibility.

Silver Sneakers Fitness Program 
This fitness class, for anyone 65 and older, helps increase muscular strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Participants use balls, tubing and light weights.

Strength Train Together
A challenging original barbell class that strengthens and tones your entire body using a barbell, weights and a step.

TRX Suspension Training 
An approach to exercise leveraging one's own bodyweight and the force of gravity. Designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and core stability simultaneously.

Increase your flexibility and strength. Learn essential poses, stretch and tone muscles, release chronic tension and improve circulation. Includes breathing exercises!

Yoga Stretch & Yoga for Seniors 
A class geared towards older adults that helps increase balance, flexibility and strength.

A dance fitness class that combines Latin and International Rhythms and easy-to-follow moves creating a one-of-a-kind fitness program that’ll blow you away! NO dance experience necessary. All ages 13+ welcome!

Zumba Step
A dance fitness class that combines Latin and International Rhythms and easy-to-follow moves creating a one-of-a-kind fitness program. Increases cardio & calorie burning while adding moves that define and sculpt core and legs with a step.