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Fall 2017


2017 8-week Session Dates:

Fall I:  Sept. 5-Oct. 29   Fall II:  Oct. 30-December 17

Group Lesson Fees:

8 Weeks:  $45 Members/$95 Non-Members  7 Weeks:  $39.50
Member/$83.25 Non-Member

Private Lesson Fees:  $96 Members only (4 lessons)

Semi-Private Lesson Fees:  $76 Members only (4 lessons)

Free Level Evaluations:  Tuesday or Thursdays 4:00-4:15 pm or Saturdays 12:05-12:15 pm

706 N. Blakely StreetDunmore, PA  | 570-342-8115  | 

Program Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Parent/Child A
(6 –18 months)
        10:10-10:40 am 9:00-9:30 am
Parent/Child II
(19 months-3 years)
  9:00-9:30 am   5:50-6:20 pm   9:35-10:05 am
(3-5 years)
Stages 1-2-3

6:35-7:05 pm

4:25-4:55 pm

6:20-6:50 pm

6:30-7:00 pm 4:25-4:55 pm   10:10-10:40 am
Youth Lessons
Stages 1-2-3
7:10-7:40 pm 5:00-5:30pm   5:00-5:30 pm   10:45-11:15 am
Youth Lessons
(5-12 years)
Stages 4-5-6
  5:35-6:15 pm 7:05-7:50 pm 5:35-6:15 pm   11:20 am-12:00 n
Adult/High School
Beginner Lessons



 Swim lessons

Can be



Greater Scranton YMCA

The YMCA has a wide range of swim lessons that includes parent/child, pre-school, youth & adults.
When registering for our pre-school (ages 3-5) or youth (ages 6-14) you will need to register for the ability level within the lessons.  If your child does not swim at all, register for Pike if 3-5 yrs old, or Polliwog if 6-14 yrs old.
If your child DOES already know how to swim, please come to one of our FREE level evaluations so that we can take a quick look at what they already know, and let you know the ability level best for them.
The levels within each group are:
Pre-school (3-5 yrs):  Pike  -  Eel  -  Ray  -  Starfish
Youth (6-14 years):  Polliwog  - Guppy  - Minnow  -  Fish/Flying Fish/Shark
Our Free level evaluations are held (no appointment necessary):

     Tuesdays or Thursdays 4:00-4:15pm
     Saturdays 11:30-11:45am